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The message of the chairman

The message of the chairman.

We have developed in the course of time through updating our construction works, investments and initiatives, which my deceased brother Ağa Ceylan has initiated in the Southeast of Turkey and we have successfully completed the new projects that were undertaken not just in the Southeast but also in many regions of our country where we achieved to be a reliable company.

As a result of the transition of Turkey to the free market economy in Tourism and developments in the market, our corporations has led the tourism of our country by using quality of service, customer satisfaction, improvements in technology and has added value to our economy and Turkish tourism by creating new brands.

We successfully accomplished undertaking very large projects both in Turkey and abroad in the construction sector. Through our work experience and solid foundation, we assure that we will achieve a very important infrastructure and other prestigious projects in Turkey and abroad in the future.

We have come to the present days and kept working by trying to live up to the goals we have put forth with patience and perseverance, by protecting the quality and our ethical values; even during the times when competition was difficult fiercely.

After today, our responsibility is more and larger. We have to be more devoted and respectful, not only to ourselves and our loved ones. But also to our employers, our employees and their families; to the thousands of people who trust us.

We believe that we will achieve more success by believing in each other and standing shoulder to shoulder.


Chairman of the Board


   +90 312 459 99 99
Uğur Mumcu Cad. No: 28 G.O.P.
Çankaya, Ankara
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